Do You Eat To Much

stomach ache overeating
stomach ache overeating




If you’re having trouble losing weight then you might be eating too much.




Though it can be more complicated than that.



For some activity might be a problem.



There could be biological factors like a slow metabolism or a hormone problem.



You must work it out with your doctor.



The best way to start to find out is just to get started.



Let’s talk about eating and try to keep it simple.



It can be easier to eat less if you why eating too much.



It can be different for all of us, about eating too much.



Here are 4 reasons why you might eat too much.



1. You eat the wrong things



Some say food is food which is the wrong way to look at it.


You tend to eat the things you can afford, which happens to many.


Eating things based on personal preference is easy and convenient.


All foods are not created equally.


What you eat can impact how much you eat.


A good example is that different foods digest at different rates, so they spend different amounts of time in your digestion system.



Many foods can determine when you feel hungry though stretch receptors in your stomach are one factor.



Simple factors in carbs like snacks and junk foods digest quickly and boost your energy and then leave you feeling hungry again.



Whole grains and proteins in complex carbs take longer to digest so you don’t feel hungry quickly.



They take longer to digest so they leave you feeling full longer.




Those stretch receptors take a bit of time to send signals to your brain.



Eating too quickly can slow down the signals to your brain after you have eaten enough to fill your stomach.



Eating slower you will enjoy your meal and find yourself feeling full. By doing that you tend to eat less.




People who adapt to not overeating early enough tend to adapt to that lifestyle.