Lose Weight With A Food Buddy

fruit for losing weight tips
fruit for losing weight tips


Losing weight with a food buddy just might be the path you need. When we start to think about weight loss, it seems we tend to focus on exercise and diet. We seem to never think about social support. Teaming up with a buddy the experts say will help you enjoy plus speed up the process of weight loss.

Try out working with a food buddy and see if taking off excess pounds plus living a healthier lifestyle will be rewarding.


The benefits of having a food buddy


1. Not being alone will give you incentives and help you realize you are not alone. Working with someone gives you encouragement, empathy, and companionship. So if you lose weight with a food buddy you both win!


2. Learning to eat healthily can be a task for some. Changing your eating habits can be enjoyable with a food buddy also. You can learn new ingredients and techniques to add to your diet with your buddy helping you to enjoy exotic vegetables that you never enjoyed.


  1. Your buddy can make overcoming obstacles so much easier. If you weigh more than you like there is probably one pitfall that you find hard to overcome. Do not be afraid to as your food buddy to help you out with emotional eating so you can stick to your diet.


4. Try and keep a positive mindset to help increase your chances of success.   Working with a food buddy will help boost the odds of shedding pounds and keeping them off. That way you will both emerge as winners having fun.


Choosing A Food Buddy


Someone to share moral support and willing to change their eating habits. Someone outside the family may be a better idea. Someone outside the family surely would be more effective. Identify essential traits. Personality also counts. Pick someone who shares your sense of humor or knows how to be tactful about telling you that you’ve eaten enough potato chips.


Choose your communication style. Agree on the best way to stay in touch. You may prefer face-to-face meetings or calls and texts. Listen carefully. Be generous with your attention. Take an interest in each other’s lives and validate your hard work.


Lose weight with a food buddy!