Out Of control Diet

face feeling out of control
face feeling out of control

Out Of Control Diet

Do you find that your diet is out of control? Weight problems can be attributed to many things.
One of the most common things is an out-of-control diet.
We all need to eat but an out-of-control diet can be harmful.
We all just can’t stop eating it isn’t like trying to stop smoking or drinking.
So how do you know if your diet is out of control and what to do about it?
Health problems can be one tell-tale sign that your body is out of control and it will tell on you.
It’s hard to say exactly when some body fat becomes too much body fat, and body fat can impact different people differently.
However, there are some other problems that an out-of-control diet can cause that your doctor can tell you about.

High Blood Pressure


One common one is high blood pressure.


High blood pressure is often linked to diet though it’s not always linked to body weight.
Too much fat in the diet can cause it, as can too much sodium.
 When your blood pressure is too high, your heart has to work harder to move blood around, which can lead to circulatory issues and heart problems.
 Cutting back on foods with added salts can be a good place to start,
However that’s not the only thing that can cause high blood pressure, so if you’re worried about yours talk to your healthcare provider about what might be causing it and what you can do about it.
He or she will usually recommend diet changes and more physical activity.
High Cholesterol


Cholesterol is another commonly used measure, although it can get a bit confusing.
A simple way to look at cholesterol is “fat in your blood.”
However, that’s not exactly what cholesterol is.
 Cholesterol is a chemical that your body uses to move fat to where it needs to be – that’s why there’s good and bad cholesterol.
Good cholesterol takes fat to be used as fuel or disposed of and bad cholesterol takes fat to be stored in your body.
 When there’s too much fat in your blood, some of it can get left behind which raises your blood pressure and threatens to clog blood vessels which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.
 With the help of your doctor, you can eat more good cholesterol and less bad cholesterol but the best way to keep your cholesterol where it’s supposed to be is to eat less fat from healthier sources.
Plant sources instead of animal sources are usually the best place to start.
Liver Problems
Liver problems are often linked to problems like high cholesterol.
Your liver filters your blood, among other things.
When there’s too much fat in your blood, it can end up being stored in your liver instead of where it needs to be.
This prevents the liver from doing its job and can become a serious problem called “fatty liver disease.”
The best way to prevent and reverse fatty liver disease is usually to cut out foods with high added sugar content, like soda.
If you drink a lot of alcohol, that can cause problems too, so talk to your doctor about how to quit or cut back.
Pancreatic Problems



Too much sugar isn’t just bad for your liver – it can be bad for your pancreas too.
Your pancreas is a small organ that helps your body manage how much sugar is in your blood.
As is the case with fat, some sugar is supposed to be in your blood.
Your blood carries sugar to different parts of your body that use the sugar for fuel to carry out their jobs.
However, too much sugar in your blood can lead to a number of problems including organ and blood vessel damage.
When the pancreas can’t do its job like it’s supposed to, it’s called diabetes.
The kind that you get from an out-of-control diet happens because your pancreas can’t create enough insulin to regulate your blood sugar.
Or because your body is so used to getting bombarded with insulin that it just tunes the insulin out.
The good news is that this kind of diabetes can be controlled and even reversed with diet changes and exercise.
Health problems caused by your diet are a pretty good sign that your diet is out of control.
If you have any of the conditions listed above, or warning signs for those conditions.
It’s definitely time to rethink your diet and consider additional steps like being more physically active.
Diet and health can be tricky topics and it’s hard to go it alone.
There are a lot more resources like this one out there on the web but for real and lasting changes you really should be talking to your doctor.