Outsourcing Your Weight Loss

earth outsourcing weightloss
earth outsourcing weight loss



Outsourcing weight loss is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, where everything seems to be outsourced.



Why not extend this trend to weight loss as well?



Imagine assembling a group of fitness enthusiasts who would do all the workouts for you.



These are the individuals who practically live at the gym, dedicating hours each day to exercise.



By charging a nominal fee, you could have them do the workouts while you enjoy all the desired results.



To cater to different needs, there could be different levels of involvement.



The starter level would be ideal for those who prefer to do most of their workouts but need occasional assistance on busy days or weekends.



The power level would cater to the working individuals, allowing them to outsource up to five workouts per week from Monday to Friday.



Lastly, the ultimate level would involve two people working out on your behalf for five days a week, giving you the freedom to indulge in any food you desire while staying fit and trim.



This concept would undoubtedly become the next big trend, enticing anyone seeking their dream body without putting in the effort or struggling to find time in their busy schedules.



No more diets, no more denying cravings, and no more unwanted weight gain.



Picture a scenario where you could simply dial an 800 toll-free number and order the weight loss plan you desire.



Attending a big party this weekend?



Just call and request a couple of extra workouts to compensate for it.



The freedom and convenience it would bring to your life would be unimaginable.



However, let’s face the reality.



We know that we can’t have someone else work out on our behalf and expect to achieve the same results.



Unfortunately, our bodies don’t function that way.



So, while outsourcing weight loss could have been a brilliant idea, it’s just not feasible.



But what if I told you that there is still a way to outsource your weight loss indirectly?



Your outsourcing partner is someone you are already familiar with, and this individual works tirelessly 24 hours a day.



Can you guess who it is? This partner has been with you since birth, and without this relationship, you wouldn’t have made it this far.

Your mystery outsourcing partner is none other than your subconscious mind. It effortlessly regulates essential bodily functions like breathing, heart rate, body temperature, and even your immune system. Considering the magnitude of its responsibilities, it performs remarkably well. But have you ever stopped to think about its influence on your metabolism, digestion, and cravings? The power that your subconscious mind holds is truly astounding. Now, imagine if you could harness this power and make it your weight loss outsourcing partner.

Your subconscious mind tells you when you’re hungry, when you’re full, what kinds of foods you crave, and how much of it gets stored as fat. It works tirelessly day and night, and the interesting part is that it is open to suggestions.

Wait a moment! Are you suggesting that you have the ability to control your subconscious mind? Perhaps “control” is too strong of a word, but you can certainly exert a significant influence over it.

Your subconscious mind is yours alone. It was bestowed upon you for your own purposes. Unfortunately, we are not taught about its incredible power or how to effectively harness it. And here’s the kicker: it is incredibly receptive to influence.

So, if you haven’t been consciously influencing it, then who has? Well, if you find yourself struggling with weight issues, a significant portion of that influence has likely come from those who profit from the food you consume, the diets you try, and the health and fitness products and services you purchase.

However, your subconscious mind is far more effective than any service you could ever buy. Reclaiming control over it will lead to effortless weight loss. No more struggling, no more deprivation, and no more unwanted pounds.